About Me

This page is used for information about me, including a quick description of who I am, and links to my social media accounts.

Hi, thanks for visiting! My name is Daniel Quackenbush; I am a high school student senior in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts. I go to Joseph P Keefe Technical School, where I am in the Programming & Web Design shop. I also run with my school's cross country team in the fall, and with my school's track team in the spring.

I started programming when I was around 11 years old. I first learned Java from a book, then when I was 12 I started to learn HTML and CSS from a teacher at my school. At 14 I learned the basics of C# from a computer camp I went to, and C# has since become my language of choice. I've learned varying amounts of other languages for different use cases, but I mostly use C# because I love it so much; it's incredibly well designed and consistently produces beautiful, elegant, and maintainable code.

A couple years ago, machine learning started to fascinate me. I took Andrew Ng's machine learning class on Coursera and was blown away by how some relatively simple math can be applied in a way that allows it to learn! I joined some local meetups, such as Boston Machine Learning, the MetroWest Machine Learning Developers group, and the SIPB deep learning reading group, which allowed me to continue to learn how to apply ML, and some of the incredible things that it can do.